Installation Description

Battery Installation
  • Remove the COROS Pod from the silicone case
  • Unscrew the battery cover counterclockwise on the rear side of the device
  • Insert the battery with positive (+) facing upwards
  • Install the battery cover clockwise



Device Pairing

Please pair the device with your phone with Bluetooth BLE 4.2 before using for the first time and follow the instructions on the COROS app. Removing and reinstalling the battery will manually set it to pairing status for 2 minutes.

Here’s how to connect with the COROS app. Device page > Add New Device > Select COROS Pod > Search and add the device to the app. Please check the COROS website for other compatible smartphone apps.

COROS Pod uses ANT+ wireless technology to connect to your watch. Here’s how to connect your Pod to your COROS Watch before using for the first time. System > Accessories > Add ANT+ > Search and add the device. Once your Pod is added to your watch, your COROS watch will connect automatically to your COROS Pod in running workouts and will sync data to the COROS app.

COROS Pod is compatible with the below watches.

Device Activation

Shake or clip on the device and start running, the pod will activate automatically.


Battery Indicator Light

Once the COROS Pod is activated, battery indicator light will provide remaining battery information.

When the decide sits still for 2 minutes it will enter into Sleep Mode. To better extend battery performance, please remove the device after training and allow it to remain in Sleep Mode.

Indicator light remains solid for 2 seconds   
Device is activated and the remaining battery life is above 10%.
Indicator light flashes for 2 seconds    
Device is activated and the remaining battery life is below 10%. Please replace the battery immediately.